Step 1: The Message of Hope


“Repent and believe the good news!” (Mark 1:15) Jesus initiated his preaching with these very words. So, what exactly is it that we are repenting (turning away) from? And what is the ‘good news’ after all? Through the videos below, you will learn the answers to both questions and more. We will launch with a prayer and then learn God's message of hope for us.

Why this step?

Fr Kevin tells you why in this video=>

A) New Appreciation

You’ll discover that when you identify and fully understand the root problem in the world, then the good news becomes undeniably relevant and takes its proper position as the “foundation and center of history..its meaning and ultimate goal.” (JPII NMI para5)

B) Real Hope

Real hope for your future and the future of the world is the tremendous fruit you can expect from this process of focusing on God’s priorities & promises!

 How to do this step?

(1) Prayer

Why Pray? 

When we pray we "partake of God's own strength"(JPII LtF p.4). Prayer opens our mind & our heart to be ordered and enlightened according to God's wisdom.

Start by slowly and purposefully praying the following prayer:  


(2) 'Renewal of the World: By Fire or By Grace?' video

Take the 20 Minute Challenge!! Watch this Video!!!

The Greatest Public Miracle since the Resurrection occurred in 1917!

What did 70,000 People see & experience? 
What was the Message that this Miracle confirmed?

Why This Video?

Within the last 100 years, God has defied science & reason through unprecedented historical events in order to grab modern man’s attention. He wants to pique our curiosity and deliver His message.

 For Full Screen, select the 2nd button from the right.



(3) 'Message of Hope' video 

Ready for more? This is dynamite!

What is the root cause of all unhappiness?
What is the solution?
What is your role in the solution?


(4) 'Living the Message of Hope' video

Going deeper...What do I do now? 

What more will happen if we don't follow heaven's plan?
What practical steps should I take now?
How can I involve my family & others?



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"If the moral truth revealed in the dignity of the human person does not discipline and direct the explosive energies of technology, a new age of barbarism, rather than a springtime of hope may well follow this century of tears" -John Paul II, Oct 5 1995 To United nations
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